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Fort Worth ISD Renovations and Additions for Three Schools

Fort Worth, Texas

MULTAECH provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and civil engineering design for the renovation to two schools and the renovation/addition to one school per the FWISD’s 2007 Bond Program. Schools included were Cesar Chavez Primary (125,000 sf renovation), H.V. Helbing Elementary (109,000 sf renovation), and M.H. Moore Elementary (70,000 sf renovation and 16,000 sf addition).  M.H. Moore Elementary included the addition of a 16,000 square foot new attached building encompassing six classrooms and supporting facilities.  Preliminary design services consisted of detailed site investigations and documentation of existing systems.  Final Construction design services consisted of upgrading the existing lighting, power, electrical distribution, upgraded computer infrastructure, HVAC, plumbing, boilers, public address, and fire alarm systems.  Additional designs consisted of upgrading auditorium, stage lighting, cafeteria lighting, emergency lighting, and associated HVAC.

Sustainable design elements for the renovations included: upgraded HVAC system controls to Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and utilized energy efficient lights where new lights were designed. The addition at M.H. Moore, utilized water saving plumbing fixtures, DDC HVAC controls, energy efficient light fixtures and dual switching conforming to energy codes.

MULTATECH was a sub-consultant for LBL Architects.





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