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DFW International Airport Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP)

DFW Airport, Texas

The Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP) is all inclusive, renovating all the original terminals and replacing building systems to provide a 30+ year useful life. Work includes various high-value operational improvements to benefit DFW Airport, airline owners, retail tenants and passengers by enhancing operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, passenger processing and aesthetic appearance.

MULTATECH’s role consists of providing engineering design and construction administration for the plumbing and electrical system renovations of Terminals A (which was completed in Fall 2013) and C, whose main tenant is American Airlines. The building infrastructure systems are being replaced completely with new piping, wiring, equipment, switchgear, panels, and lighting, etc. to provide for more efficient systems as well as update the facility to meet current building and energy codes.

Each terminal building is approximately 1 million square feet, with each being designed and constructed in three phases. DFW Airport has required the terminals to remain completely functional and operational during all phases of design and construction.

DFW Airport has also requested incorporation of sustainable design. MEP sustainable features currently include LED lighting, lighting controls integrated into the facility building automation system and low flow plumbing fixtures.

A partial project list includes:

Terminal A & C Re-Gating/Jet Bridge Renovations
MULTATECH provided MEP engineering design and construction administration services for re-gating Terminal A and C including replacing the Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) at 40 gates and relocating the PBBs at 12 gates. Each PBB consists of the replacement and/or relocation of gate support equipment, inclusive of preconditioned air units, 400 Hz power equipment, potable water stations for the airplanes and associated equipment, new fixed walkways, and PBB pre-cool systems. The project was completed in phases in order for the airport and American Airlines to remain fully functional and operational with minimal gates being closed simultaneously.

Glycol Piping System Terminal A & Terminal C
The Glycol Piping Project included the extension and redistribution of the systems for Terminals A and C. Services included extensive coordination and verification of design parameters with the Central Plant as well as logistical piping routing verification and coordination with the TRIP design team.

Terminal A DART LRT Rail Station
MULTATECH provided all MEP designs and construction administration services for the new 17,000 square foot station, a 1,700 square foot Crew building, a Bus Transfer Station, and a Pedestrian Walkway connecting DART LRT to Terminal A. The project also consists of the partial demolition of an existing Airtrans guideway, relocating existing utilities, and relocation of high mast lighting. Demolition also required switchgears serving primary power to the terminals and runway lights to be relocated without interruption to operations. HVAC and Plumbing systems for the Crew Building included design for a break room, offices, IT, and toilet facilities. Work also included coordination for the conduit rough in systems for the public address, CCTV, and DART ticketing and digital message systems.

MULTATECH has been providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering and construction management services as a sub-consultant to Jacobs, TRIP Project Management team. All images Copyright Thomas McConnell.





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