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Golden Corral

Multiple Locations

MULTATECH provides nationwide site planning services for Golden Corral, including preparation of conceptual designs to determine the viability of a site. Generally turned around in a matter of hours, these drawing are prepared and overlaid on existing aerial photography to determine building orientation, parking layout, site access and utility availability.

In addition, MULTATECH provides full Site Development Design services to Golden Corral, with one of the most important aspects of our work being due diligence. Our research, summary of the pertinent data and preparation of a preliminary site plans has enabled Golden Corral to make good business decisions for market growth. Our typical surveying and construction document services provided to Golden Corral include:

  • Boundary/Topo Survey
  • Site Plan
  • Dimension Control Plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Erosion Control Plan
  • Storm Drainage Plan
  • Water & Sewer Plan
  • Franchise Utility Plan
  • Construction Details
  • Lighting Plan Base
  • Landscape & Irrigation Plan Base

We are often faced with varying challenges during the site development process, all dependent on many variables. Our engineers are always prepared for issues with a location’s proximity to adjacent developed sites, tight grading tolerances, off-site water and sewer extensions, and the need for continued access to adjacent businesses. Removal and relocation of existing franchise utilities prior to building construction and demolition of existing structures have been overcome during the design process.

MULTATECH has a long history with different municipalities and a vast knowledge of land development practices, helping to expedite the permitting process at numerous sites for Golden Corral. We are accustomed to meeting both client & city parking requirements, and to the often time consuming challenges of obtaining the proper permitting.




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