PROJECTS    Municipal
Trinity River Authority, Ten Mile Creek Sludge Dewatering and Blower Buildings

Ferris, Texas

MULTATECH provided a feasibility study, architectural design, construction drawings, specifications and construction administration for a two-story Sludge Dewatering Plant and Tank Blower Building, and various other plant improvements.

Our objective for the sludge dewatering building’s innovative architectural design was to visually give the sense this was not a building handling waste water. The intent was the building, on casual observation, could pass for an office or any another public building. The use of glass blocks added an appealing, contemporary look providing natural light to the interior areas, while masking the waste processing activities. 

Internally, the sludge dewatering building design suspended the process piping under a projected "catwalk" that circumnavigated the building at the second level, helping to alleviate the pipe congestion on the interior of the building.

MULTATECH was sub-consultant to Alan Plummer and Associates.





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