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BNSF Logistics Park Kansas City Construction Management Services

Edgerton, Kansas

MULTATECH provided a construction management team of six full-time inspectors and a resident engineer/construction manager. The project consisted of four major contracts.

  • First contract included over 2,000,000 cubic yards of mass grading, 600,000 square yards of paving, the relocation of a creek into a conservation corridor, six miles of mainline track construction and six yard tracks serving 8,000 feet of crane rail, two bridges, and utilities.
  • Second contract was a design-build that included the construction of multiple buildings including maintenance buildings, control and security facilities, and administrative buildings.
  • Third contract was for the relocation and construction of overhead high voltage transmission lines and a new substation.
  • Fourth contract was for the Logistic Park’s High Mast lighting.

MULTATECH also coordinated the construction five large, 200 foot-span gantry cranes inside the facility. The work was performed by an outside contractor who did not report to the BNSF's general contractor. MULTATECH facilitated both contractors completing construction work in the same space simultaneously.





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