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AutoNation BMW of Dallas and MINI of Dallas

Dallas, Texas

MULTATECH provided architectural and engineering services to convert an existing Lincoln-Mercury automotive facility into a BMW sales and service facility. The design included approximately 350,000 square feet of remodeled space and a 37,215 square foot expansion. The original Lincoln Mercury dealership consisted of a 20,413 square foot, two-story showroom and office attached to a three and two-third level parking ramp of approximately 55,668 square feet per level. The lowest level of the parking ramp had been remodeled into a repair garage. We renovated the existing structure to BMW standards, designing a new façade and major interior renovations including a 24,276 square foot addition to the repair garage and 14,958 square feet of parts storage. Our greatest challenge was integrating the City of Dallas requirements for an older building with BMW image requirements within the Owner’s budget constraints.

In addition to the remodel and addition to the Lincoln-Mercury dealership, the project included developing a six acre, off-site property for use as a parking lot for AutoNation employees and automobile inventory. The scope of work included the demolition of an existing 113,650 square foot fabrication facility, capping utilities, grading, paving, site lighting, fencing, a new guardhouse and a public works water line extension. The demolition included asbestos remediation, site cleanup, removing underground tanks, removing paved areas and below grade building foundations. We successfully coordinated demolition efforts with the adjacent property owner due to shared walls and water and electrical utilities. MULTATECH provided SWPPP documentation services for the owner and contractor. Design services allowed for new construction including paving the entire site, parking lot lighting, controlled access with a powered security gate and a guard shack.

MULTATECH provided services for a new two-story, 4,576 square foot facility adjacent to BMW of Dallas for MINIi Cooper of Dallas. The design included a vehicle lift for raising MINIs to the upper floor.





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