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DynCorp International LOGCAP Support

Since 2009, MULTATECH has provided a civil engineer experienced in military contingency engineering and construction to support program management for the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) for DynCorp International.  Projects entail providing estimates and designs for base camp construction in support of Operation Enduring Freedom primarily in Southern Afghanistan.  We have completed the following projects as a sub-consultant for DynCorp.

LOGCAP IV, FOB Payne.  Project consisted of constructing billeting, shower/latrine/laundry facilities, water storage and distribution, a dining facility and bunkers for a 1,000-man camp.  MULTATECH advised the design team on the antiterrorism and safety standoff distances for the facilities and recommended construction methods that were effective for Afghanistan basecamps and met MILCON requirements.  Design modifications to the bunkers were proposed that would increase capacity by 30% and make them safer and more accessible.  MULTATECH advised the team on the difficulties of achieving an acceptable grounding resistance reading due to poor soil quality and low moisture content and the types of water tanks used in Afghanistan.  MULTATECH also sized and sited the billet and bunker requirements to assist the client and design team in deciding on an initial site plan.

LOGCAP IV, Afghanistan Pre-price List.  Worked with a team of estimators to develop menu-pricing for 71 common military construction requirements for the LOGCAP in Afghanistan.  Bid items ranged from installing a five ton HVAC unit to building a self-sufficient 600-person base camp.  The project identified major construction tasks for each requirement and estimated labor and material costs, as well as requirements that exceeded MILCON thresholds and would require congressional approval for construction.

LOGCAP IV, Fuel Point Design.  MULTATECH designed seven fuel systems for use in Afghanistan:  a 1,000 gallon Forward Air Refueling Point (FARP) for helicopters; four fuel points for refueling vehicles (3,000 to 50,000 gallons each); and two bulk fuel storage facilities (1.3 and 1.5 million gallons).  MULTATECH developed these systems using Unified Facilities Criteria and Army manuals for Fuel Storage and Supply Points (FSSPs).  For the bulk fuel facilities, a  determination was made for the most efficient configuration that would require the smallest footprint and therefore the least site preparation, dikes and hoses. The dikes were designed to hold 1.5 times the required amount and secondary containment liners were specified.  During the project, a fuel specialist was consulted on pump sizing and materials selection.

LOGCAP IV, 20 LOGCAMP Standard BOM Band 4 and 5.  MULTATECH developed bills of material and material specifications for generic 300- and 1000-person military bases in Afghanistan.  Facilities included fencing, ballistic protection, and security measures; tension fabric structures; pole barns; office buildings; dining facilities; helipads; fuel systems; billeting tents; shower, restroom, and laundry facilities; power generation and distribution; roads; water production and wastewater treatment; and maintenance facilities.  Project required coordination with the design team to develop material quantities based on estimated base footprint and layout.

LOGCAP IV, Sustainability.  MULTATECH coordinated with a team of solar power and wastewater engineers and vendors to write a white paper for sustainability initiatives in Afghanistan.  The project involved researching solutions for solar power for temporary uses in both large and small bases.  Solutions for solar thermal technology to provide hot water were researched and presented.  A comparison was made of current and proposed methods of wastewater treatment to show the business case for packaged systems to minimize maintenance and enhance treatment.





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