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City of Midland Pump Station and Water Treatment Plant

Midland, Texas

MULTATECH provided design services related to plumbing, HVAC and architecture for the City of Midland’s Water Treatment Plant. Improvements were accomplished in phases, which included a new high-service pump (HSP) station, a new two-story addition to enclose the existing HSP station, a new chlorine storage building and ducting system, and a new sludge dewatering building. We also renovated an existing, 7,200 square foot, two-story administration building ($1.2 million of the total construction costs) and provided the site plan layout for security fencing, parking and roadways.

MULTATECH managed in-house HVAC and non-industrial plumbing engineers for the 3,550 square foot pump building to serve four High-Service water pumps. A top priority architecturally  was for the building to closely resemble the existing adjoining structure, which had a 36 inch high, brick veneer band at grade level, with upper precast panels projecting horizontally 12 inches beyond the band. The new addition employed a stamped concrete pattern at the lower stem wall, closely resembling the existing brick pattern and color. New precast panels, while only projecting 8 inches beyond the stem wall, closely resembled the existing panels. The architectural design also included numerous 24 inch by 24 inch glass-block “portholes” in the building, enhancing not only the visual interest of the exterior, but providing a conduit for natural light to flow inside in a diffused, evenly distributed pattern.

The pump station is located adjacent to a residential neighborhood. During the design process, the architect heard and considered the concerns of the nearby homeowners. The building design incorporated the residences’ aesthetic preferences as well as limited the potential noise pollution caused by the high-service pumps.

The designed renovations for the administration building included modifications to completely reconfigure the first floor and basement interior spaces to accommodate desired new functions by the City of Midland. We designed additional improvements to the administration building to meet ADA regulations, including a handicapped accessible ramp designed to address the four feet of elevation change from the ground to the building’s main entry.

MULTATECH was sub-consultant to Camp Dresser McKee.





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